Sunday, August 22, 2010

c25k w7 DONE!

I have completed week 7 in my c25k program! I can, at this point, run for 25 minutes strait. I can only go 1.76 miles in said 25 minutes but I can do it! Besides, speed should come with time, or so "they" say. I still shake my head with amazed wonder when I get home that I was able to run for 25 minutes.

Next week, I get to tackle week 8. It is 28 minutes of running.

On the weight loss front....I weighed myself this morning. Still no real weight loss. I am 200.8 lbs. I was 201.8 lbs when I started this running journey. I keep at it will catch up with me one day.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

c25k update

Today for my c25k I had a 5 min walk and a 20 min run and another 5 min walk to cool down. Well, I was able to run the entire 20 min. After I got home I mapped out my route to see how far I had gone

I ran 1.44 miles! For the first time in my entire life! I always walked in school when we were supposed to do those fitness challenges. I have NEVER run a mile before! NEVER! In my 31 years of life.

Today was the first time ever and I almost made it to 1.5 miles!

Now in the next 4 weeks I have to get that up to 3.1 miles (5k) and I will be ready for my race on Sept. 19th!

My goal for that is to finish it. I can work on time later.

When I started the c25k program I ran at a 17 min per mile pace (I can walk faster than I can run) Today, my pace was 13 min 53 sec. per mile! That is like awesome!

Okay, I'm done patting myself on the back. Now I wish I could give myself a back rub.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Weight loss update

I still have not lost any weight. In fact I think I have gained about a pound. I have decided to cut my extra nursing points down to see if that will help me out. If my milk supply suffers at all I will be adding them right back. Losing weight is important to me but nursing Owen is even more so. So, for now my points are going from 37 per day down to 30.