Friday, December 30, 2011

Lots of Food Pictures!

I have kept up posting my food pictures on facebook but I have slacked here, and I have some awesome ones since we have switched to paleo. I think I will post a few pictures here and there to catch up on that!

To start with I will put up my favorite meals thus far.

This first one is an herb rubbed pork tenderloin with roasted green bean, asparagus, and a blueberry/onion glaze. It was amazing!

This one is curried shrimp and spinach over fish cakes. I have been making a point to eat foods and spices that I had previously never tried. Curry is one of those things, I had never tried it and now I love it!
This next one just happened to be a last minute throw together meal and I loved it! We cook up a big batch of chicken and pork on the grill each weekend so that we will have something quick to grab out of the fridge. Also, G takes them for work for lunch. Anyway, I grabbed a chicken breast, a pork chop, some shrimp and I cut them up, tossed them in a skillet with butter and spices...tossed in peas and tomatoes at the end and we had an awesome 10 minute meal!

And, the last picture I have for the day (this one was taken on one of the new plates I got for Christmas! 5 full settings of fiesta ware). This is what we had last night for dinner. I cut up some chicken breasts into nuggets. I dipped them in egg and then coarsely ground almonds mixed with my own taco seasonings, then fried them in bacon drippings. I served the chicken nuggets with roasted greenbeans, asparagus, carrots, and mushrooms and we dipped them in salsa!

New Year...New Goals

I have been slacking on the running front and I have been missing it quite a bit. I have been having scheduling issues with the kids that have kept me from it. Some of the issue is me. I can get up at 5 am and go while the boys and G sleep but I really like to sleep too. I tried taking Owen with me in the jogging stroller after I dropped Hugh off at school but he hates being strapped down and made for a terrible companion on the runs....he would cry the entire time. I looked into getting a gym membership but we just don't have the extra money for that expense. That brings me back to 5 am. I just have to suck it up and do it.

I have a friend that is doing a challenge for 2012, run one mile every single day of the year. I like a good challenge and it is not that unobtainable of one. That puts me at 7 miles a week. I think the first few weeks will be the hardest and after that I can throw extra miles on every few days.

G is currently getting ready for a half marathon in May. While I did not sign up for it with him I am intending to train with him. I want to be able to comfortably run that distance by then.

So, my goal running goals are:

1. Run at least one mile every single day in 2012.
2. Train for a half marathon with G.
3. Weather permitting I will do it all barefoot!

As far as everything else in my life. I want to keep up the paleo/primal/grain-free eating. I have indulged myself in items with grains in them this holiday season and I have not only put on a couple of pounds but I feel bad. I get a head ache and a stomach ache and digestive issues from it. I bought myself a good paleo cook book for Christmas. I do better at making great meals for my family when I have a great meal plan done for each week.

So, my eating goals are:

1. Meal plan each week.
2. Keep it paleo...I feel better when I do.

Blogging goals.

1. I want to put out a couple of posts each week. The entire reason I started blogging was to have a snapshot of my life for my children to look back on to see what I was like, what our family was like, what they were like. I also really enjoy documenting my makes me feel like there is some reason for it. So, for them and for me, I need to put more out there.