Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year...New Goals

I have been slacking on the running front and I have been missing it quite a bit. I have been having scheduling issues with the kids that have kept me from it. Some of the issue is me. I can get up at 5 am and go while the boys and G sleep but I really like to sleep too. I tried taking Owen with me in the jogging stroller after I dropped Hugh off at school but he hates being strapped down and made for a terrible companion on the runs....he would cry the entire time. I looked into getting a gym membership but we just don't have the extra money for that expense. That brings me back to 5 am. I just have to suck it up and do it.

I have a friend that is doing a challenge for 2012, run one mile every single day of the year. I like a good challenge and it is not that unobtainable of one. That puts me at 7 miles a week. I think the first few weeks will be the hardest and after that I can throw extra miles on every few days.

G is currently getting ready for a half marathon in May. While I did not sign up for it with him I am intending to train with him. I want to be able to comfortably run that distance by then.

So, my goal running goals are:

1. Run at least one mile every single day in 2012.
2. Train for a half marathon with G.
3. Weather permitting I will do it all barefoot!

As far as everything else in my life. I want to keep up the paleo/primal/grain-free eating. I have indulged myself in items with grains in them this holiday season and I have not only put on a couple of pounds but I feel bad. I get a head ache and a stomach ache and digestive issues from it. I bought myself a good paleo cook book for Christmas. I do better at making great meals for my family when I have a great meal plan done for each week.

So, my eating goals are:

1. Meal plan each week.
2. Keep it paleo...I feel better when I do.

Blogging goals.

1. I want to put out a couple of posts each week. The entire reason I started blogging was to have a snapshot of my life for my children to look back on to see what I was like, what our family was like, what they were like. I also really enjoy documenting my makes me feel like there is some reason for it. So, for them and for me, I need to put more out there.


TLee said...

Awesome goals! Good luck on all!

Ewa said...

Good luck with your goals. It is tough when kids need attention but it can be done. Keeping my fingers crossed.
I've been streaking now for 123 days and hope to continue through 2012. Lots of pre-dawn runs. :)