Saturday, August 7, 2010

c25k update

Today for my c25k I had a 5 min walk and a 20 min run and another 5 min walk to cool down. Well, I was able to run the entire 20 min. After I got home I mapped out my route to see how far I had gone

I ran 1.44 miles! For the first time in my entire life! I always walked in school when we were supposed to do those fitness challenges. I have NEVER run a mile before! NEVER! In my 31 years of life.

Today was the first time ever and I almost made it to 1.5 miles!

Now in the next 4 weeks I have to get that up to 3.1 miles (5k) and I will be ready for my race on Sept. 19th!

My goal for that is to finish it. I can work on time later.

When I started the c25k program I ran at a 17 min per mile pace (I can walk faster than I can run) Today, my pace was 13 min 53 sec. per mile! That is like awesome!

Okay, I'm done patting myself on the back. Now I wish I could give myself a back rub.

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