Thursday, December 2, 2010


It seems I have totally given up on blogging that 30 days thing. I'm just going to move on at this point. I may revisit it when I am not so busy with the holidays and life in general.

Running update.

I have completed 5 5k races so far and I have an 8k race this weekend (that is 5 miles for those of you that would rather not do the math). The race this weekend is Cross Country Challenge and I can't wait! It looks like so much fun. I have a good friend from college coming into town to run this with me as well as a neighbor. I actually met the neighbor through the Daily Mile website. We got to meet at my last race...the Turkey Trot here in town.

As of right now my personal records for time are 12:41 on the mile and 39:42 on the 5k.

I have had to buy some minimal shoes for the winter. I love running barefoot but it seems that for this winter my lowest temp is around 40 degrees. I hope to be able to run in colder temps next winter. For shoes I have a pair of Soft Star Run Amoc Lites and a cheap pair of water shoes from Sports Authority. I am working on my shoe review for the Run Amocs now, I'm expecting to be done and have that up in the next couple of days.

Life Update

My mom and I are making fun fabric items and hitting the local craft fairs. We are also selling them online to anyone who is interested. If you are interested just send us a message as to what you want and then send us money to paypal using the e-mail address the prices are all listed on the facebook page. If business picks up enough then we may get a "real" website.

On the eating front....Greg and I hosted Thanksgiving this year. The day went as well as can be expected. We only had one major issue and it had nothing to do with the dinner.....our main sewer line backed up and the basement flooded. We were able to call in a plumber and have the line routed out. Turns out that one of the boys flushed a wash rag down the toilet and then the wash rag got stuck in the line because of all the tree roots growing through the pipes from our HUGE tree in the front yard.

The turkey turned out amazing and it was all because of a tip from a friend. We covered the surface of the turkey with bacon before we put it in the oven. As it cooks the bacon fat bastes the turkey so you don't have to. Oh yum it was great!

 Here is my gratuitous food porn picture

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