Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Food Pictures....and running

...will have to wait a bit. I have them taken. I made some of the best individual serving turkey pot pies with a flaky, buttery, crust, but here I sit with the worst case of flu passed on to me from my ever so loving children and I don't have the energy to upload pictures from the camera.

As for the flu, so far my darling husband is the only one that has escaped unscathed. I'm really not sure how he managed that. My mom, who is sick herself has been coming over the last two day to watch my sick kids because it has hit me so hard that I am no good to them. I feel a bit better when I lay down but you can only lay down for so long before your ass starts to take on the shape of the bed.

As for running. I was supposed to take that first run back from the injured list on Valentines has not happened yet though. I have been too busy playing nurse to the sick kids and then being a patient myself.

So, off I go to re-shape my rear while I leave you with your imagination to sustain you until I can get the food pictures up.

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