Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Running Update

Long time no post.

I have had quite the running adventures since I last updated.

The first...I completed the c25k program!

Second and much more important running update....I am now a barefoot runner!

Third, I just went on my longest run ever today. I ran 4.6 miles...my feet carried me 4.9 miles including my warm up.

Fourth, I have already run 2 separate 5k races and I have 2 more 5k races scheduled this year. I'm really looking forward to the Halloween one (I'm running in a costume!)

Fifth, I am helping set up a 5k/10k/kids run race scheduled for the spring....for Hugh's school. It is not a fund raiser for the school...it is a philanthropy project for the kids. We are picking a charity and donating all proceeds.

My running goals include some short term and some long term...

Short term:
~hit 5 miles in one run
~hit 10 miles in one run
~get up to 5 days a week running (I'm still at 3)
~continue building base miles so I'm running about 30 miles per week

Long term:
~keep running for enjoyment as long as I can (can you say old and grey)
~run several ultra marathons (50 or 100 mile races)
~keep running barefoot

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