Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Evening Routine

Now that I'm pregnant my evening routine includes something not so fun.

I have really low hormone levels. So low that they will not sustain a pregnancy in the first trimester. Because of this I have to have a shot every evening. The hormone progesterone for what ever reason will not dissolve in water so it is mixed with oil for the injections, it is called PIO (progesterone in oil). The oil makes it very thick and since it is very thick a HUGE needle has to be used.

For those of you that know needles it is 22G (I have to use an 18G needle just to get it out of the bottle). The oil also pools in the muscle where it is injected so my poor butt has lumps all over it from these shots.

I also had to do this with my other two pregnancies. There are two other options of delivery out there for the progesterone....a pill (I tried it and it doesn't work for me) and a vaginal suppository (insurance would not cover it and I don't have $700 a month to pay for it), so that leaves me with the HUGE needle.

I only have 4 more weeks to do the injections and I am counting down the days! If I remember correctly it took another 4 weeks for the lumps to go away after that. Oh so much fun!


TLee said...

First off, needles are not fun :(

Second, CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you guys!!!

zapmamak said...

Amazing the sacrifices we make as moms. Even before our babies are born! Sounds like you'll be done with that needle soon, though. Hang in there...