Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sleep, elusive, sleep.

Why, is teaching a child how to sleep sooooooo hard?

I have always said that I would never let my children cry it out (cio), that all it teaches them is that you are not there for them when they are having a problem. Well, when we (mostly me since I have the boobs) go to Owen's room every time he cries it can really get out of hand. We have had some nights where he is up every hour, screaming. Well, that really makes for a bad night and a grumpy mommy.

On the other hand, we have tried cio too and Owen always wins. The longest I can stand listening to it is an hour before I go in and give lots of cuddles. The thing that gets me is that he slept through the night for almost all of his first year. I even have it marked on the calender when this crazy sleeping stuff started...Sunday May 2nd. The previous 5 days he had a high fever ranging from 103 to 104.3. We were in constant contact with his doctor but we were never able to find a reason for the fever. Once the fever broke, he stopped sleeping. The only thing the doctor has not done at this point is blood work. Which I may even ask him to do just to find a reason for this.

This post was prompted by my efforts to get Owen to go to sleep last night. Our bedtime routine started at 7:45pm as it always does. Bath with Hugh, pj's and getting his teeth brushed, turning lights out with Daddy, saying good night to Daddy, and finally nursing with me in a big cozy and overstuffed glider in a dark room. I then transfer Owen to his crib while he is warm, full, drowsy, and content. I walk out of the room, close the door, and all seems well for about 30 seconds...

...and then the screaming starts.

If anyone has a magical answer please let me know. I really need my sleep.

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