Saturday, June 26, 2010

Days Gone By...

I have not written a blog in years! I would every so often log in and look at it and think about writing but then life would get in the way. So, no excuses...I'm starting up again.

Since I was last here I have had two boys. Hugh was born 5/22/07 and Owen came along two years and two weeks later on 6/9/09. We just had birthday parties for both boys...robot and frog theme respectively. I outdid myself on their cakes, but I have done that every year so far.

Greg got a government job as a criminal investigator and after 2.5 years he is finally making enough money so that we are not in the red every month. We decided while I was pregnant with Hugh that I was going to stay home with our children even if it was hard on us financially. Boy oh boy has it been hard. There have been days when we wanted to either cry or strangle each other (or both). It is looking up enough that we are looking into private preschool for Hugh a few mornings a week (Montessori for inquiring parties)....well, I think I make it sound too good by saying that. In reality our car will be paid off next month and we are using that car payment as tuition each month.

In current events both boys have the chicken pox. I did get Hugh round one of the chicken pox vaccine when he turned a year old, then I researched it a lot and decided not to get it at all for Owen. Well, my friend's little boy came down with the chicken pox so we had a "pox party"...I took my boys over and they shared suckers with the pox infected little dude. The whole party thing was intended for Owen but Hugh ended up getting them too. So much for that vaccine working. After this they will both be immune for the rest of their lives.

The past year has not been a great one for me health wise. About 2 days after I had Owen (c-section) my butt and leg started to hurt. It hurt enough my doc had me come in for an ultra sound of the leg to make sure I didn't have a blood clot from surgery. All clear on that front. It came and went for about 4 weeks then I felt sort of okay. At my 8 week check up with my OB I got the all clear to start working out. I went that day and signed up for Curves. I worked out 3 days a week for 1 month. About 3 weeks in my butt and leg start hurting again. Hurting enough that I could not sit or walk or sleep. Standing was about the only thing that was painless. Talk about making breastfeeding hard! Once it got so bad that I was not sleeping anymore (I had to just stand next to the bed to not hurt) I made an appointment with the doctor.

My New Year's resolution was to fix all that ailed me.

  • My butt and leg
  • My teeth
  • A funny bulge in my tummy
  • My weight
Learn to knit

  • Done by Feb.! I have made 3 baby hats and a pair of gloves. Once it gets cool out again I will attempt a sweater.
Run a 5k.

  • Waiting until July to start a couch 2 5k (c25k) training program...then run a 5k in the fall.

I saw my regular doctor and he put me in physical therapy. I attempted that for about 2 months before I moved onto a chiropractor. Neither one helped me at all so I broke down and went to an orthopedic surgeon. Had an MRI...turns out I have two herniated disks in my lower spine. I then went on to have 2 epidural steroid injections (oral drugs could not be taken because I refused to stop breastfeeding). After the second one I had enough relief that I could function....the pain and other issues were by no means gone.

At this point I made an appointment to see my doctor about this funny bulge in my tummy. Turns out they think it is a required. I planned surgery for about a month away so I could pump enough milk to get Owen through. I had surgery on March 9th (OMG, can you believe all this has happened and it is only March) and it was so painful that they ended up admitting me to the hospital overnight so I could stay hooked up to the morphine drip. Also, when they got in there they found quite a bit more than they expected. They did not find just one hernia...they found so many hernias that the surgeon stopped counting. In his words..."your muscles looked like swiss cheese". They lined my muscles with a mesh to put everything back where it belongs and to keep it there. I know have mesh from my rib cage down to my groin.

Breastfeeding was challenging but I still managed to keep going strong. I found a position where I would lie on my back and Owen would sit up next to me and lean over. I also could not lift either of the boys for two weeks so I had to have a schedule of friends and family that would be here to help out for while Greg was at work.

It took me a good three months to not feel any pain from the surgery. But on the positive side of that I am able to strengthen my core muscles; my back is improving. I really only feel it if I sit in a chair that is too soft or when I lie down.

July is almost upon us and for me that means beginning my training for the c25k. I'm waiting until then because Nana (my mom) will not be working as of July 1st and she will come over in the mornings to watch the boys while I go out on my run.

Well, for now that is a general catch up. I'm sure I will think of more as time goes on.

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