Monday, September 24, 2007

One Year: Sept. 22nd to Sept. 22nd - Part 4 (Pregnancy & Ultra sounds)

I loved being pregnant. I will do it again two more times if I can talk G into it. I was just a little sick in the beginning but it never slowed me down one bit. Since I became pregnant seeing an RE, I stayed seeing them through 12 weeks (the first trimester).

They did lots of ultra sounds to make sure everything was going as it should. Here are my first 3 u/s. The picture on the left is at 4weeks4days; in the center of that pic is the gestational sac, the only thing you can see that early. In the middle picture I was 5w4days (one week after the first u/s); the large dark bean shape is the gestation sac and the bottom white bean looking thing is Hugh. In the last picture I was 6w2d and we saw the heart beat for the first time. You can see Hugh and the yolk sac contained within the gestation sac.
The next u/s picture was from 10w0d. I cried when I first saw it. Hugh finally got arms and legs and was jumping around in there (even though I could not feel it, it was amazing to watch).

I think that this was the point that I finally felt it was real, that I had a baby inside me. All the thoughts and emotions were so overwhelming when they really hit. I think I was in shock for a good two weeks at this point.

We decided at this point to not find out the sex of the baby. I look back and I don't regret this decision at all but I will find out with the next ones.

The next time I had an u/s was at 19w3d. It was not scheduled at all. I woke up in pain one morning but I decided I would go to work anyway. By the time I was 5 minutes from work I could hardley see to drive I hurt so much. I made it to work and had someone drive me to the hospital. I called G while I was on my way and had him meet me there. After lots of tests and an IV, it turns out I had kidney stones. It took me a week to pass them and they hurt in a way that is even hard to describe, but I did get to see Hugh again. It appears that he is sucking his thumb in the picture.

My next scheduled u/s was only a week and a half after this one. I got a great 3D pic of Hugh from that visit. As it turned out it was the only 3D u/s picture we were able to get the rest of the pregnancy. Hugh never wanted to cooperate again, we did try for another shot several times though.
Near the end of the pregnancy I had an u/s done every week to check on Hugh's size. This was done because I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. By this time, Hugh was too big to really get a good u/s picture so my journey with u/s pictures ends here.

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