Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I blew out my calf this past Tuesday. I was not running and I had just finished up day 1 of Jillian's 30 day shred. I was pretty tired from the workout but feeling fine. It was during the boy's naptime so I was down in the basement to keep quiet. I turned to turn off the light and POP! It felt like I had been shot in the calf, or maybe kicked. It hurt enough that I couldn't even keep standing.

So, there I was sitting on my butt at the foot of the stairs wondering what the hell had just happened when I realized I still had to get back up the stairs. I soon found out that the pain in my calf was so bad that I couldn't stand or walk. I'm so glad I was home alone (well, a napping 1 and 3 year old don't count) so no one would see me crawl up the stairs. I must have looked drunk!

Anyway, I called my mom to come over and help me with the boys and I got myself to the couch. As soon as she got here she hooked me up with some ice and then kept me company until Greg got home from work. My mom was a doll, she changed dirty diapers and cooked us dinner while she was here.

I did call my family doctor and they told me that if I still couldn't walk in the morning to come in at that time. I drugged myself up with the recommended 600mg of advil and I went to bed.

I was able to stand and walk when I woke up so that is a bonus but the pain is pretty intense still. I played doctor google and I think it may be a torn calf muscle. I have an appointment for next Tuesday with an ortho doc. to check it out.

I'm really bummed though. I was just getting ready to ramp up my running to prepare for a half marathon in the spring. If my calf muscle has been torn I think I'm not supposed to run for something crazy like 8 weeks. I guess we will see after my appointment.


Lisa said...

Ouch ouch ouch ouch!! :( Hope it's nothing too serious and doesn't require a lengthy rest period. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Crysta said...

oh, no! Take it easy and listen to the doctor. Don't rush back before you're ready - that can make it worse. And if it had to happen, it's better in winter, I guess.

Tom Doyle said...

I've been running with Vibrams since June. It started out great - even ran a 10 mile trail run in July. By August I had a fracture in my left foot.

After 10 weeks off, I started over. I realize now that barefoot running is about starting over. But mostly it is about form. I always hated the treadmill. Now it is becoming my friend. On the treadmill it is easier to focus on running form. 2 - 3 miles running with good form strengthens all those key muscles more than any long run.

This has been a hard lesson to learn. With my Brooks Glycerin I could run 13 and feel great knowing I could handle a half marathon. But then I would hobble up and down the stairs at work. Now I glide up the stairs (well, sometimes). But seriously - I have springs I never had before.

I plan to go barefoot when it warms up. I can see a bright barefoot / minimalist running future if I continue on this steady track. Good luck with your barefooting adventure!