Thursday, January 20, 2011

Many updates...

I saw the doctor last week and I have a level III strain in my Gastrocnemius (the main muscle in my calf). I am to do lots of stretches...slow and deep. I have also been rolling out the muscle with a rolling pin, and I have to keep it wrapped. Also, no running for 6 - 8 weeks.

I am counting down the days. I have been going stir crazy here. The 6 week point hits on Feb., it looks like I get to run on Valentine's Day!

I also have a good project to keep me occupied as well. I'm on the planning committee at Hugh's school for a race. It will be a 5K and a 10K race along with 3 kids races. The race will be held on May 7th. I am working on registration and donations. Those two things are enough to keep me busy for some time.

I have also been knitting a lot. I have completed one felted purse and I am currently working on another.

Here is before felting....

And after felting...

 It is still a bit wide so my mom is going to cut it down and also add a lining. While practicing for that she made a beautiful purse (pictures to come tomorrow...the camera needs new batteries). I need to help her figure out a strap and after that it will be done! It has gorgeous pink lining and extra pockets on the inside. I think we are going to try to sell it on our Etsy - Mom -n- Me Fabrics site

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