Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Owen Tooth Update

I took Owen to the dentist yesterday. I have been taking him every couple of months since July to monitor his tooth, on July 6th he had an "assident", and here is an update from a week after it happened. Now that you are caught up on the drama....

The tooth has grown back in! It is pretty crooked but it is there.

The did another round of x-rays at our visit yesterday and it turns out that the tooth has died from the trauma but instead of turning black and becoming inflamed and causing Owen pain it is instead calcifying. This basically means that the nerve and root area is filling in with solid bone. The tooth may end up a slightly different color than the rest in his mouth (could be whiter or slightly yellow, there is no way to tell now) but it can stay where it is as a place holder for a permanent tooth!

We are thrilled with the outcome of this. The dentist was pretty surprised too. He said he has always ended up having to pull the teeth from this type of situation...this will be the first he has seen that this has happened to.

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