Friday, July 9, 2010


I think in this case a picture speaks a thousand words..

On July 6th, Hugh pushed him and he rammed into the wall face first...he swallowed the tooth so they can't save it....I took him to the dentist the morning of the 7th to have them decide what to do. We took him to urgent care the night it happened.

Hugh started crying too...we put him in time out for the pushing and he had to stay there until we figured out what had happened. There was blood everywhere. Once we had everything under control we explained to Hugh that he cannot push and that this time Owen got hurt and lost his tooth.

Hugh is all sad and keeps looking in/under things for the "lost" tooth.

He keeps saying he is sorry and that it was an 'assident'.

The dentist was great with Owen...he poked around a bit. At first he thought the tooth had snapped and that the roots were still up there but after the poking he said it was all out. Owen was too little for x-rays with out sedating him. So, we are supposed to watch him for a bit. Tylenol for pain and wait 6 years for his permanent tooth to come in.

His gums are bruised pretty bad from the trauma. They are black. I found the spot in the bathroom where he hit his mouth...a nice sharp corner on the baseboard with some blood on it.

I am giving him tylenol every six hours to keep the pain away. He also is getting all four molars right now so I'm also giving him teething tablets.

The only thing he seems to have a problem with is sippy cups. He has to suck too hard to get anything out. He is still nursing well though, so for that I'm thankful.

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