Friday, July 2, 2010

Seems I will never win

Last night Owen slept through the night but somehow Hugh ended up in our bed at 2 in the morning. I really am not sure how that happened. He ALWAYS sleeps in his own bed. Anyway, if you have ever tried to sleep in bed with a small child you will know that you can't sleep.

Our bed is perfect for the two of us. It is a queen sized bed...add a child in the mix and there is no room for anyone. Plus, Hugh sleeps all crazy. His head and upper torso was on me and poor Greg had to deal with his legs and feet kicking him all night.

If Hugh tries to get in bed with us again I will be taking him back to his bed. I will not let that become a habit. I can't let it become a habit, I need what little sleep I can get and with him in bed too it is not much.

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