Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Owen update

Some of this may be a repeat of info from my first post but here is a recap of everything that has happened.

Owen had a big brother induced accident last Tuesday night. Hugh pushed him into the wall and he knocked out his tooth. We went to urgent care (they couldn't do anything for Owen....we should have gone to the ER, but that is another story). They told us to go to the dentist the next morning. I called our family dentist as soon as they opened on Wednesday morning. We made a trip out and they took a peak (as much of a peak as a one-year old will let you) and told us "yep, he knocked out his tooth....let us know if anything changes as it heals".

Come Friday and I was checking out Owen's was healing nicely and the swelling was going down but...I could see something where his tooth should be...maybe the root? Maybe the tooth got snapped off and not knocked out. So, I called the dentist back. They were closing in just a few minutes at this point so they made an appointment for us the next morning. Along comes Saturday morning, and back at the dentist for Owen. After another quick peak he told us that yep he could see something still there too. We needed to call a pediatric dentist or an oral surgeon (now, why didn't they just refer us to one the first time we called...they knew how old Owen was and that if something was wrong they would not be able to help us out because they don't have the knowledge or the facilities to deal with really small children) Oh, I know why...they wanted as much money from the insurance company as they could get....I wonder what our bill is going to look like.

Anyway, I called the pediatric dentist this morning as soon as they opened and they got us in at 10. They were great with us and with Owen. The dentist did a quick exam first and said that if he couldn't tell 100% what was going on by just looking then he would do an x-ray. He couldn't tell what had happened so he did an x-ray...poor Owen, since he is so little they had to strap him down to a board and Greg had to hold his head in place while the dentist held the little x-ray thing in his mouth.

After reviewing the x-ray the dentist called us back and showed us the films...Owen's tooth was still there! It had not gotten knocked out or broken off...It had gotten rammed back up into his gums *cringe*.The dentist was fantastic and told us what may happen to the tooth from here on out. It may come back down with no problems at all (not likely, but a possibility). It may come back down and need a root canal or it may come back down and be dead and black and need to be pulled. There is about a 50/50 chance of the last two options. The good news is that the tooth was not fractured at all. It did get pretty twisted in it's socket when it was pushed back up so who knows what it will look like when it comes back down.

So that is where we are at now with the tooth drama. The dentist thinks that it may take about 6 months for that tooth to come back down. So, for now we wait and have a few follow up x-rays to check on Owen's progress.

Here is what 6 days of healing has done for him.

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